Essential require.js plugins for large projects

April 25, 2012 - 18 Comments

When working on large javascript projects (like what we do in Backbone.js), its a godsend to have something like require.js to help you split your project into organized pieces. But in addition to require.js, there are quite a few require.js plugins out there that you should take advantage of.

depend.js - Rock solid loading of dependancies in order

This plugin (millermedeiros/requirejs-plugins) insures that a particular dependency is loaded prior to loading the next. I initially thought the order.js plugin accomplished this, but when you have things like jquery-ui plugins extending the base jquery-ui this can cause problems. The files would be requested in the correct order, but the plugin would load faster than the large `jquery-ui` library. Compiling was fine, but his caused intermentant errors during development. Depend.js solves this issue.

text.js - Text-based dependancies

This plugin (require.js) works great with the underscore.js _.template function. It allows you to load text-based files and use the content as a dependancy. I find this works much better than trying to load javascript templates in other ways (i.e. ajax requests or from the DOM). Also, when you run your project through the r.js compiler, all the templates are compiled right into your javascript!

cs.js - Coffeescript in require.js

This plugin (jrburke/require-cs) lets you intermix coffeescript and js dependancies within your project. All the coffeescript dependancies are complied in realtime allowing you to develop without the need to have coffeescript watch your directories for changes. Upon compiling with r.js (note: some special configuration is necessary), the files are compiled into javascript.

This is also an easy way to play around and learn coffeescript without the need to install it on your local system.

New DevHub Branding Preview

March 2, 2012 - 3 Comments

Here is a preview of the slight change to the DevHub branding that is coming soon. The goal was to simplify the logo by removing the gradients and shadows and focusing on the mark.



Both the existing and the new identity were originally designed by Arnold Dela Cruz while employed at EVO

Best of 2011

December 9, 2011 - 2 Comments

Here is a list of my favorite albums of 2011. Also, if you have Spotify, here is a playlist with the tracks

1. Holy Ghost! - Holy Ghost!

Track: Holy Ghost! - Wait and See

2. The Black Keys - El Camino

Track: The Black Keys - Gold On The Ceiling

3. The Rapture - In The Grace Of Your Love

Track: The Rapture - Miss You

4. Cut Copy - Zonoscope

Track: Cut Copy - Pharaohs & Pyramids

5. Digitalism - I Love You, Dude

Track: Digitalism - Circles

6. Theophilus London - Timez Are Weird These Days

Track: Theophilus London - I Stand Alone

7. Justice - Audio, Video, Disco

Track: Justice - On'n'On

8. Washed Out - Within and Without

Track: Washed Out - Amor Fati

Some runners up were "Gigamesh - Gigamesh EP", "Nero - Welcome Reality", "SebastiAn - Total", and "Theophilus London - Lovers Holiday EP"

Toolkit: View memcached keys during development

February 6, 2011 - 3 Comments

At EVO we use memcached during every project in one way or another. We needed an easy to use interface to view a list of keys that are currently present during development.

After a bit of searching, I found this blog post describing how to interface with memcached over standard telnet.

This method is still somewhat manual because of the recursion necessary to actually view the key names, so I put together a python interface to easily grab the list of keys:
python-memcached-stats on github

Usage is simple and works on any system that has python installed (including mac OSX)

Blog Reboot

January 25, 2011 - 4 Comments

I don't have any specific new years resolutions. But after seeing friends (The Daily 11) nailing theirs this year, I was motivated to dig through my pile of random photoshop experiments and finally finish one. So new year, new theme, and my attempt to spew my ideas and knowledge on the internets more frequently.

We will see how it goes.

The new DevHub editor. Not just an upgrade

June 5, 2009 - 5 Comments

We recently released a long awaited update to our DevHub WYSIWYG site editor which focused on browser compatibility (Internet Explorer 7/8), interface speed, UI design, and extendability for the future.

New DevHub editor

This new release set the groundwork for the future flexibility of the DevHub platform and modules in the form of an API for module development, which is currently internal-only. We plan to open up module development on the platform via this API in the coming months, to allow 3rd parties to build modules that can tap into our existing framework and drag+drop editor. If you are interested in being included in our developer pilot, you can contact me here.

Here is a recap of the new update:

  • Browser compatibility (added Internet Explorer 7/8)
  • Refreshed UI design
  • Tooltips and visual clues to help new users understand the editor
  • Moveable module toolbar to assist editing on smaller profile screen resolutions
  • All widgets, embed codes, and content formatting are displayed while editing
  • Beginnings of our module API
  • Many bug fixes

This is just the beginning! So, stay tuned for future updates.


Tech, Design, Life - A bit of History

May 9, 2009 - 2 Comments

Thought I would finally get around to starting a blog that focuses on my passions (startups, technology, design, and business), and what a better domain to do it on than I don't think I have even written this out before, so here is a little professional history of my life before co-founding EVO Media Group / DevHub.


My dad got me hooked into computers at an early age (building systems and gaming). But it wasn't until around age 16 that I first got my hands on the web. From then on I started using the web to teach myself the basics of web programming and graphic design.

In high school I met one of my current co-founders of DevHub, Mark Michael. We worked together on a bunch of early ventures into web startups and businesses. Namely, a travel search engine portal and a client web design business.


While attending Central Washington University for a business degree, Mark and I continued our ventures. While there, we founded Arestia Design Studios, focusing on client web design, identity, and print design; as well as development of web-based inventory management, client management, and eCommerce systems for choice clients.

We were able to hone our skills in search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing to build a number of our client's businesses from one-man-shops to million dollar companies.

Synapse Corporate Solutions

After college, Mark and I moved our business to downtown Seattle, WA. There, we transitioned our success with our clients into a new business focused on web application development and rapid prototyping for startups, named Synapse Corporate Solutions.

During the time we were managing client projects, we always dedicated time to research and development of new technologies in the mobile web, B2C products, and productivity tool spaces. These R&D developments spun off a series of small ventures.

  • SynapseCS CRM: Web-based customer management system
  • SynapseWine: Turn key wine inventory management system
  • SynapseLife (Acquired): Suite of consumer productivity tools for use on the web or though mobile devices.
  • BuyersVine (Acquired): Drag/drop and touch screen wine kiosk system for wine recommendations.

down2night: Your social nightlife

Another one of these experimental projects was down2night, which initially was a mobile web tool that allowed users to subscribe to event calendars for their favorite bars, clubs, and nightlife destinations. These subscriptions were setup to notify users via SMS and email when their favorite spots had events.

Through a childhood friend, we met our third DevHub co-founder, Geoffrey Nuval. He was meeting with some startups up in Seattle via his involvement with Lehman Brothers' venture arm. In Seattle we met up and planned a company around down2night, which became a social networking and community focused on nightlife in 20 major cities.

In October of 2007, all three of us came together to found EVO Media Group / DevHub.

Check out DevHub here